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CTU Bus Guide

CTU Bus Guide is a free app that aims to provide quick access to CTU bus stops, routes and timings to the citizens of Chandigarh.

  • Source And Destination (All routes, Stops and timings): Enter source and destination and get all the routes between them along with the bus timings and bus stops.
  • Bus routes with all day timing: Get Route details from starting point to end point with timings. User can also get any bus time details which the bus operates on throughout the day.
  • Bus Stops with all day timing: Get the next buses coming on this stop with time details.
  • Send Feedback: User can send feedback by clicking on the feedback menu from the app and along with his name, phone number, Email user can submit his feedback regarding CTU services, buses, timings, fares etc.
  • Fares: User can get fares details for AC and Non AC Buses by clicking the Bus fares menu from the app.
  • Call Helpline: From the Helpline menu user can directly call the CTU helpline by single click from the app.
  • Bus Pass Info: The bus pass menu offers all the details about the CTU buss pass including Daily pass, Student pass etc.


e-Campus Mobile Application is a free app that aims to provide quick access to student profile, marks, subjects, attendence, assignments etc to Goverement college students in Chandigarh


  • Post Graduate Govt. College Sector- 11 (PGGC-11)
  • Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls Sector- 11 (PGGCG-11)
  • Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls Sector-42(PGGCG-42)
  • Post Graduate Govt. College Sector- 46 (PGGC-46,Co-ed)
  • Govt. College of Commerce and Business Administration Sector- 42
  • Regional Institute of English,Sector-32 (Co- ed)


  • Get full student profile information.
  • List of marks obtained in each exam.
  • Get latest assignments details.
  • List of subjects.
  • List of teachers as per the subject assigned.
  • Full detail about the fee instalment paid as well as to be paid.
  • Attendance details of each subject.
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My Chandigarh

My Chandigarh mobile application is a gateway to the hub of smart mobile applications — mSampark, ePayment, RLA, e-Campus & CTU Bus Guide can be easily downloaded with a single tap.

  • Call emergency Helpline numbers with single touch.
  • Know more about Chandigarh The city beautiful.
  • Explore Places to see in and around Chandigarh.
  • Register Grievance

mobileRLA (RLA, Chandigarh)

SPIC Mobile & Web Centre of Excellence (under the aegis of the Department of Information Technology, Chandigarh) has developed a mobile app 'mobileRLA', pertaining to the office of Registering & Licensing Authority. The mobile-app will serve as a dedicated mobile-app for the RLA office and would be highly beneficial to the residents of the city.

The key features of the mobile application are:

  • Driving License details: User can check their Driving License details by supplying License number and date of birth. This would obviate the need for users to carry their driving license while driving
  • Registration Certificate details: User can check their vehicle's Registration details by supplying the registration number and their engine number or chassis number
  • Procedures: User can check the procedures for various RLA related services like obtaining Driving License or Vehicle Registration, renewal of the same etc
  • Tax Calculator: A tax calculator is provided to calculate the payable road tax of their vehicle for Registration or renewal of the same
  • Mock Test: Users can take a mock Learner License test to prepare for their actual Learner License test by answering questions available in the mobile-app.
  • Signs and Symbols: Various mandatory, cautionary and informational signs and symbols used on Chandigarh's roads are provided for ready reference
  • Location of RLA offices: Information about RLA Offices, their locations and navigation
  • Holidays and Timings: Information about holidays/timings of the RLA
  • Grievances: Enables access to the online Grievance portal of the Chandigarh Administration
  • Integration with Smart Chandigarh app has been also provided.
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mSampark, Chandigarh

mSampark is a unique initiative by the Department of Information Technology, Chandigarh Administration which aims at promoting mGovernance in UT Chandigarh. mSampark provides vital information about Sampark centres in the form of a mobile app.

Features of mSampark -

  • List of all Sampark, Gram Sampark and Kiosk centres
  • Provision for locating nearest or any Sampark Centres
  • GPS location of all Sampark Centres
  • List of services at Sampark Centres along with requisite document list and service charge information
  • Electricity and Water bill information
  • Status of applications of DC office
  • Sampark Timings
  • List of holidays
  • Grievance and Feedback related information
  • Contact Information

e-Payment Chandigarh

What does e-Payment Chandigarh app offers?

  • A fresh and user-friendly app for customers.
  • Make payments for your Electricity bills.
  • Make payments for your Water bills.
  • Make payments using debit cards, credit cards and net banking facility.
  • View and Download old receipts.
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