Terms & Conditions for Allotment of Space
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1. Incubation Definition

To foster entrepreneurial activities in IT related areas and to provide a platform to the start- ups and prospective entrepreneurs to convert their innovative ideas into commercially viable products to enhance software exports from Chandigarh.

2. Eligibility Criteria


The following spaces available at SPIC IT Incubation Centre are shell spaces. The Company has to refurbish the space according to their requirement.

Sr. No. Location Bays Total Area in sq.ft.
1 Ground Floor(W116/120) 770.26
2 First Floor(W-231/232 412.30


The space at SPIC IT Incubation Centre will be allocated on leave and license basis initially for a period of 11 months. The allocation would be extendible thrice so that the maximum total period of license for any licensee shall under no circumstances be extended beyond additional 48 months. The term will be extended on yearly basis. The company/applicant to whom space is allocated shall need to enter into a leave and license agreement.


The selection of licensee shall be done by a Committee based on a two stage process. Applicants are required to submit the proposals through online application form at wwww.spicindia.com.

Stage1: The prospective companies / applicants would be evaluated by the Selection Committee in terms of their eligibility as specified in the Eligibility Criteria (Section 2) and on the basis of that will shortlist the eligible prospective companies/ applicants.

Stage2: The Selection committee will invite shortlisted prospective companies/ applicants for a brief presentation in fro nt of them on their submitted proposal. On the basis of their presentation the selection Committee would send their recommendations to competent authority for the allocation of space(s) to prospective companies/applicants.


The applicant shall have to pay the lease Rs.28/- square feet on monthly basis and additional facility management charges at the beginning of each month.


In addition to the space at SPIC IT Incubation Centre the following facilities will also be provided to the licensee for operations :

Besides the lease fee, the licensee shall be charged for above listed facilities.

Note: The eligibility criteria above has been prescribed based on the various models across the country keeping in mind the objective to support start-ups & promotion of Software Exports.

Last Date for Online Application is 15 March 2016

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