Hot Seat

This is a shared space where individuals or teams share their space with other individuals or teams. This is a traditional seat-based model where you pay for each seat and get up to maximum total eight seats subject to the availability.

Rate for hot seat

The charges would be Rs. 3500/- + GST per seat which includes single chair & table, Internet facility, AC/Lights, Housekeeping and Security

Rate for multiple seats

In a scenario where a team of young entrepreneurs intended to take multiple seats following would be the rent structure

SeatsRs. / rent per seat (GST extra)
3-4 3500 +200 = 3700 + GST
5-6 3500 +500 = 4000 +GST
7-8 4500 +GST
Not more than 8 seats to be alloted to a single team

Security Amount

Refundable interest free security of Rs. 6000/- per seat would be charged.

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