The ECoS Goal

SPIC operates differently as we aim to bring together different layers of community, and audiences, for a common and shared working experience in the technology. For example, we have goals and a vision for Chandigarh as a startups destination, for the students & prospective entrepreneur who aspire to be entrepreneurs, and for the young startups who are on growth.

Our most important role is to facilitate your operations whether by providing infrastructure, access to technology, giving space for skills-pool or skills-exchange.

We already have a startup culture kicking up in the city; ECoS aims to take it forward for the right directions, with the right people, by bringing a diverse pool of founders, advisors, mentors, or even investors to have a thriving ecosystem for the region's startups’ goals.

Another bigger goal is to be an important part of Chandigarh city’s growth in the startups ecosystem. The city might start inviting more and bigger IT companies in the world to set up their operations and ECoS wants to play a role in that plan.

  • To provide space to the new and growing IT Companies in Chandigarh
  • Offer mentoring to the teams who are working on emerging technologies Big data, IoT, AI, and Robotics.
  • To promote software export from the region as well as create employability for local manpower.
  • To bring a mentors’ pool who work with startups on their own custom engagement models.
  • In order to extend the SEZ benefits to the upcoming IT Business, a state of the art SEZ Incubation Centre to be established in Chandigarh Technology Park.
  • To invite and encourage students to be in ECoS for right guidance
  • To provide space to students that is affordable, and yet modern and world class
  • To connect students with the region’s best IT minds for advice and mentoring
  • Design state-of-the-art facilities where students learn, thrive, and grow with pace