Project e-Sampark was initiated to bring together the services of all the departments under one single umbrella and give citizens of Chandigarh a "multi-service" - "single-window" experience apart from eradicating the undue harassment met by the citizens due to lack of transparency.


Project Overview

e-Governance is the most significant aspect of the IT Policy of Chandigarh Administration. The vision of the Administration is to create a knowledge based society, wherein every citizen of Chandigarh shall be able to access the benefits of IT by the year 2005. IT is to be used as a medium for effective interaction between the Administration and the public so that the exchange of information and access to government departments is speedy and easy leading to a better quality of life.

Sampark Centre

  • Online Transaction
  • Payment of Bill
  • Purchase of bus tickets
  • Payment of taxes
  • Payment of house EMIs
  • Facilitation
  • Issue of certificates
  • Lodging of complaints
  • FIR Status
  • Issue of sani or citizen, disability cards

Service list

  • Engineering Department
  • Cash Collection
  • Complaint Monitoring System
  • Municipal Corporation
  • Water bill collection
  • Space booking for MC Community Center
  • Chandigarh Police
  • Complaint registration and tracking
  • NOC for stolen Vehicles
  • Foreigner registration and visa extension
  • Vehicle challan payment
  • Office Of DC
  • Issue of Domicile Certificate
  • Issue of Income Certificate
  • Social Welfare Department
  • Issue of senior citizen card
  • Issue of disability card
  • Director Transport
  • Issue of Bus Passes
  • Issue of Daily Passes
  • Births & Death Registration Department
  • Issue of Birth and Death Certificate
  • Excise & Taxation
  • Collection of Sales Tax and Entertainment Duty
  • Office of RLA
  • Acceptance of application for learners license

Vision and Objectives

The vision for this project is to create a knowledge-based society through extensive use of I.T. as a medium for effective interaction between the Administration and the public so that exchange of information and access to government departments is speedy and easy, leading to a better quality of life. The objectives of this project are:

  • Provide hassle free one-stop solution to the citizen.
  • Minimize multiple interaction points for the citizen and hence reducing the wastage of their valuable time.
  • Provide better turn around time in receipt, processing and issue of services.
  • Transparency in delivery of services.

Project Sampark is a Department of IT (DIT) initiative for the development, integration and maintenance of web-portal for various departments of the Administration for providing 'One-stop-shop' for 16 G2C services through 8 e-Sampark Centre. It not only provides the Online Transaction Processing through its centres and web-enabled portal but also is a major source of information dissemination.

Before this initiative the common man had to make multiple visits for a single transaction apart from standing in long queues and wait for a few days to few weeks for the end result. At times he had to face harassment due to lack of transparency.

After this initiative the Administration was successful in providing a one stop solution at the e-Sampark Centres as various services, which were available earlier at independent islands and sometimes resulted in duplication of work, are being delivered at these centres. The processing time has been minimized as the efficiency of the service delivery system has been optimized by making it I.T. enabled thereby regarding eradicating the long queues and waiting hours for the public.

List of Services:

1 Excise & Taxation 1 Payment of taxes
2Deposit of VAT2 Challan {Cash Below 10000/- or Chque/ DD}
3Deposit of Form II Challan {Cash Below 10000/- or Chque/ DD}
4VAT/CST Collection
5Deposit of Monthly VAT Returns VAT-16
6Deposit of Monthly CST Returns Form-1 M
7Deposit of e-File VAT Receipt quaterly VAT-15
8Desposit of e-File CST Receipt quaterly Form-I
9E-Filling of VAT/ CST Returns (Online)
10Filling/ Converting of VAT 15 quarterly and Transmiting the data electronically.
11Filling/ Converting of Form - I quaterly and Transmiting the data electronically.
2 Chandigarh Transport Undertaking 12Issue of Bus Passes
13Student Bus Pass Non AC { Quaterly And Half Yearly Basis}
14Student Bus Pass AC { Monthly Basis}
15General Bus Pass Non AC {Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Basis}
16General Bus Pass AC {Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Basis}
17Govt Employee Bus Pass Non AC {Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Basis}
18Govt Employee Bus Pass AC {Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Basis}
19Senior Citizen Bus Pass Non AC {Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Basis}
20Senior Citizen Bus Pass AC {Monthly, Quaterly, Half Yearly and Yearly Basis}
3 Social Welfare Department 21Issue of Senior Citizen Card {Above Age 60 }
22Issue of Disablity Identity Card
23Disbursement of Pension (Old Age, Widow, Disabled & Dependent Children)
4 Engineering Department 24Payment of Electricity Bills
25Deposit of Domestic Electricty Bill {Cash Below 20000/- or Chque/ DD Upto 50000/- And DD/Pay Order Above 50000/-}
26Despoit of Commecial Electricty Bill {Cash Below 20000/- or Chque/ DD Upto 50000/- And DD/Pay Order Above 50000/-}
27Deposit of Small Power Electricty Bill {Cash Below 20000/- or Chque/ DD Upto 50000/- And DD/Pay Order Above 50000/-}
28 Deposit of Large Power Electricty Bill {Cash Below 20000/- or Chque/ DD Upto 50000/- And DD/Pay Order Above 50000/-}
29Deposit of Street Light Electricty Bill {Cash Below 20000/- or Chque/ DD Upto 50000/- And DD/Pay Order Above 50000/-}
30 In Case of Part Payement the same must be approved by concern SDO of the Electricty Dept along with Photocopy of the modified Bill
31In Case Cheque payment has been bounced then you have been barred to pay the samethru Cheque. In Such Cases Demand Draft will be accepted.
32Booking of Tubewell for irrigation of Rural Area
5 Registrar Birth & Deaths 33Issue of Birth Certificate
34Issue of Death Certificate
6 Municipal Corporation 35 Payment of Water & Sewerage Bills
36Payment of Water Bills Domectic/ Commecial
37Payment of Lawn Water bills
38Open Space Booking
39Community Centre Hall Booking
40Community Centre Room Booking
7 Health Department 41Doctor's Appointment for Patients of GMSH-16 & GMCH-32
8 Chandigarh Police 42Tenant Registration
43Domestic Servant Registration
44Sticker and Postal Challans
9 Treasury 45Sale of Non-Judicial Stamp Paper
46Sale of Revenue Stamps, Court Fees Stamps and Adhesive Stamps
10 Chandigarh Housing Board 47All Deposits for Dwelling Unit of CHB
11 GOI Services 48Online Filling of Passport Application Form
49Booking of Railway Tickets (IRCTC)
12 Election Department 50Forwardng of Application for Addition of Name in Electroral Roll.
51Forwardng of Application for Modification of Particulars in Electoral Roll
52Forwarding of Application for issue of duplicate Voter Card
13 Education Department 53Online Submission of College Forms
54Deposit of College Fees
14 DC Office / SDM Office Services 55Issuance of Caste Certificate
56SC Bonafied Certificate
57SC Migration Certificate
58BC/OBC Bonafied Certificate
59BC/OBC Migration Certificate
60Issuance of Dependent Certificate
61Issuance of Charatcter Certificate
62Issuance of income Sertificate (for Students)
63Issuance of residence Certificate
64Coutersigning of Documents (Certificate issued by Chandigarh Admn)
65Coutersigning of Documents (Certificate issued by other State)
66Renewal of Arms Licence
67Transfer of Arms Licence of Other State
68Firm/ Society Registration
69Late entry of Birth
70Late Entry of Death
15 B2C Services 71Telephone Bill Payment
72BSNL Landline & WLL
73Quadrant - Landline & WLL
74Airtel Mobile
75Airtel Landline
16 UIDAI 76 Issue of Aadhaar Card
77Modification of Aadhaar Card Data
17 Estate Office 78Deposit of Tenement Rent

Sampark Locations:

S.NoE-Sampark centreLocation
1e Sampark– 10Electricity Operation Sub Division No. 2, Sector 10A, Chandigarh
2e Sampark-15Electricity Operation Sub Division No. 4, Sector 15C, Chandigarh
3e Sampark-18Electricity Operation Sub Division No. 3, Sector 18A, Chandigarh
4e Sampark-23 Opposite Janj Ghar, Near Gurudwara, Sector 23C, Chandigarh
5e Sampark-40Electricity Building, Sector 40D, Chandigarh
6e Sampark-43Electricity Operation Sub Division No. 9, Sector 43A, Chandigarh
7e Sampark-4766 KV Grid Sub Station, Sector 47C, Chandigarh
8e Sampark ManimajraMunicipal Corporation Building, 1st Floor, Opposite Civil Hospital, Manimajra, Chandigarh
9e Sampark Industrial AreaPhase 1, Electricity Operation Sub Div No. 5, Chandigarh
10e Sampark-17Sector 17, Chandigarh Treasury
11e Sampark-12 PGI, Shopping Centre, Sector 12, Chandigarh (Only Two Counters & for limited services)
12e Sampark-High CourtPunjab & Haryana High Court Premises, Adjacent to State Bank of Patiala ATM.
13e Sampark-21Sector 21-B, opposite Motor Market,Chandigarh.
14e Sampark -7Sector 7, Near electricity maintenance office.
15e Sampark Bapu Dham ColonyBapu Dham Colony
16e Sampark-32Sector- 32
17e Sampark- 17DC Office Ground floor, Sector-17
18e Sampark- 35Main Market, Sector-35
19e Sampark-37 Inside MC Office, Sector-37
20e Sampark-38 Main Market, Sector-38
21e Sampark- 48 Inside Community Centre, Sector-48
22e Sampark-Dadu Majra ColonyInside Community centre, Dadu Majra Colony
23e Sampark-DhanasNew Dhanas Colney H.No. 42
24e Sampark-27Sector 27, Chandigarh
25e Sampark-22Sector 27, Chandigarh
26e Sampark-20Sector 20, Chandigarh
27e Sampark-43Sector 43, Chandigarh
28e Sampark-PalsoraPalsora
29e Sampark-Dadu MajraDadu Majra, Chandigarh
30e Sampark-Mauli Jagran Mauli Jagran, Chandigarh
31e Sampark-Khuda AlisherKhuda Alisher, Chandigarh
32e Sampark-Kaimbwala Kaimbwala
33e Sampark-DariaDaria
34e Sampark-Makhan MajraMakhan Majra
35e Sampark-Raipur KalanRaipur Kalan
36e Sampark-Raipan KhurdRaipan Khurd
37e Sampark-BehlanaBehlana
38e Sampark-Hallo MajraHallo Majra
39e Sampark-Khuda JassuKhuda Jassu
40e Sampark-DhanasDhanas
41e Sampark-SarangpurSarangpur

Vision & Objectives

One stop solution to citizen for multiple tasks, resulting in eradication of frustration to the common man as he had to deal with many functionaries.

Reduction of wastage of time of a citizen as multiple tasks are being performed at these Centres.

Citizen Centric Centres having state of the art facilities, apart from central location

8 am to 8 pm service on all days except Sundays

Better turn around in receipt, processing and issue of services

Transparency in delivery of services

Easy maintenance of MIS leading to quick reconciliation of Treasury collections.

The project is so designed that any citizen centric service of any criticality can be provided through it. The criteria for making new services available through the eSampark centres is based on the requirement generated by citizens which is available through the feedback received and the citizen satisfaction surveys conducted. Departmental initiative is also taken into account and then an interface for the department is provided to initiate the services. It is given due publicity by way of audio coverage, pamphlets and notices. Department is also given an access to the central database for monitoring the progress and generate various MIS reports. From 11 services of 7 departments the project has graduated to provide 16 services through 3 delivery channels apart from increasing the number of counters from 3 Centres (12 counters) to 8 Centres (32 Counters). It can also be replicated because of the robust nature of technology involved and wide array of services that it can provide.

Why do we use it?

15 G2C and 3 B2C Services are being provided at 8 Centres spread across the City. Construction of 9th Centre is under progress.

Since launch in Sept. 2004, Rs 408 Crores of Government revenue has been collected in 19.26 Lakh transactions. Number of transactions have touched 1.25 lakh transactions per month.

Rs. 126 Cr of revenue collected in first 4 months of 2006-07 compared to Rs. 36 Cr for the same period in 2005-06.

Select private services are also being launched to make the project self sustainable. Phone bills of Connect and Spice are being collected and more similar services are under process of initiation.

Sampark Services are also being extended to Gram Sampark Programme where 17 Gram Sampark Centres are being constructed covering all the UT Villages. Jan Sampark Services from these Centres are also being provided for information and facilitation services to the citizens including registration of grievances and applications under Right to Information. 70 such Centres are being planned apart from extension of these services to 17 Gram Sampark Centres also.