Information Technology

SPIC approach, which blends management and IT expertise with domain knowledge, is unique in its ability to provide customized consulting solutions spanning the policy and planning levels to enablement at the operational level through people, processes and technology.

Having experience of business and technology expertise and an in-depth understanding of the government sector, SPIC has carried out studies for government entities at all levels, developed entire automated systems, and worked with diverse hardware and software technologies. SPIC thus accumulated a rich fund of experience in areas ranging from perspective planning, restructuring and institutional strengthening to development of information systems and technology plans (ISTPs), and application development and implementation.

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SPIC offers the following services:

Business services:

  • IT strategy formulation.
  • IT architecture and planning.
  • IT process review and planning.
  • Application design and development.
  • Application maintenance and support.
  • Leveraging IT for e-governance.
  • Portal development.
  • Institutional development strategy study.
  • Feasibility study.

We also offer special services that aid governments to be more transparent and responsive in their functioning. Among them are:

  • Prime architect (strategy formulation, IT blueprint, IT architecture, implementation of roadmaps, and information systems and technology planning)
  • Advisory services (Organisational restructuring, business process re-engineering, marketing strategy and planning, human resource development, institutional strengthening)
  • Systems and application development (back-end computerisation, web-enablement of legacy systems, development of portals and web sites, knowledge management, collaborative groupware applications)
  • System integration (We assist in the vertical and horizontal integration of governments, delivering solutions that are required by our clients, identifying the entire architecture


  • Integrated Work Automation System(iWAS)
  • TaxAdmin
  • Citizen Portal

Advantage SPIC

Our business proposition is all about depth. Our collaboration framework guiding execution of that business proposition, and the way clients respond, makes it quite unique. We provide the compulsory qualities of Cost effectiveness, Technical expertise, offshore delivery, and Quality. From concept to finish - SPIC goes all the extra miles needed to enable clients to reach their goals.

SPIC places a great deal of emphasis on value creation which has led us strive to be in step with clients, build trust-based relationships and continuously anticipate their business needs. This had led SPIC to create a knowledge capital culminating meaningful experiences, understanding of pertinent industry issues and challenges, providing us with better levers to guide client pursuits in solving real business problems. SPIC enjoys exceptional client satisfaction and very high levels of repeat business, resulting in trust-based partnerships. Our collaboration model and flexible ways of doing business, helps us accommodate rapidly changing business needs of our clients. It's why clients that start with us usually stay with us for the long term.

Leveraging its robust delivery model, SPIC has devised proven paths for executing complex 'any shore' projects. This balanced approach provides clients flexibility to organize work to meet their pre-determined goals across - delivery, time and budgets without imposing unfamiliar processes on their organization.