CTU Bus Guide is a free app that aims to provide quick access to CTU bus stops, routes and timings to the citizens of Chandigarh.

  • Source And Destination (All routes, Stops and timings): Enter source and destination and get all the routes between them along with the bus timings and bus stops.
  • Bus routes with all day timing: Get Route details from starting point to end point with timings. User can also get any bus time details which the bus operates on throughout the day.
  • Bus Stops with all day timing: Get the next buses coming on this stop with time details.
  • Send Feedback: User can send feedback by clicking on the feedback menu from the app and along with his name, phone number, Email user can submit his feedback regarding CTU services, buses, timings, fares etc.
  • Fares: User can get fares details for AC and Non AC Buses by clicking the Bus fares menu from the app.
  • Call Helpline: From the Helpline menu user can directly call the CTU helpline by single click from the app.
  • Bus Pass Info: The bus pass menu offers all the details about the CTU buss pass including Daily pass, Student pass etc.